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How will your university compete after COVID-19?

The events of 2020 mean that, in 2021, universities must transform their approach to attracting international students in a hyper-competitive market.

Admissions teams will need more agile recruitment strategies, combining the virtual with the in-person. They’ll need to tailor these strategies to the unique needs & aspirations of students in different regions.

Our latest collection of reports give universities like yours a forecast of international students’ aspirations from across 120 countries, with in-depth analysis that will allow you to build this tailored strategy.

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Discover how BridgeU can give you an advantage in your international admissions strategy.

If you’re a university marketer or recruiter, you could probably use an advantage right now.

As detailed in our latest research & data analysis, BridgeU is uniquely placed to help you build a strategic & personalised approach to international student enrolment, providing a solution that not only meets today’s challenges but can also transform the way you compete and succeed into the future.

BridgeU boasts an integrated suite of intelligent digital solutions that help universities identify, engage with, and influence globally-minded schools and international students.

Learn how the BridgeU digital services portfolio can help transform the speed, precision and impact of your university marketing and recruitment strategies.

BridgeU integrated digital solutions: transforming the reach, precision and impact of university marketing and recruitment


Enables university recruiters and admissions reps to research, discover and engage with international schools showing an interest in their institution.


Allows universities to participate in a diverse programme of virtual events, all tailored to the unique needs & interests of students at BridgeU international schools.

Enhanced Profile

Promotes greater awareness of the qualities and opportunities offered by universities to international students researching higher education options.


Allows universities to send personalised information, content, scholarships, and event invitations to specific students.