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The New World of International Applications to the USA

This report examines how BridgeU international students’ US application preferences changed across the 2020 & 2021 application cycles and both complements, and diverges from, existing commentary on application trends.

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How the number of international school students applying to the USA has changed by geographical region in 2021.

Which states and universities experienced a dramatic growth or decline in international applicants year over year.

How international student applicant numbers have changed between 2020 & 2021 by QS rankings and deadlines

How can US universities use this report?

A continuing overall decline in domestic high school students means that, for US universities, successful international student enrolment is arguably more vital than ever.

But international higher admissions has ground to make up in the aftermath of a year where international student enrolment to US institutions fell by 43%.

This report measures the year-on-year change in the number of international students applying to US universities through the BridgeU platform during the 2020 & 2021 application cycles, from a total of nearly 115,000 applications across the two cycles.

Combining our analysis of international students’ application trends from 120 countries with existing commentary surrounding US higher education admissions, our latest report offers exclusive insights into how international admissions may evolve in a post-COVID world.

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Find out how BridgeU international students' interest in the USA is changing, which regions students applications to the USA increased and which universities saw an increase in applications