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BridgeU Connect gives you everything you need to build a strategic, targeted and forward-looking approach to international student recruitment, at a time of increased competition & digital, remote-first engagement.

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  • Help you search for relevant international schools in 120 countries.
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  • Encourage easy collaboration across your recruitment team, by allowing you to save & share lists of promising schools.
  • Allow you to easily book visits and connect with international school staff at the click of a button.

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The BridgeU digital services portfolio enables universities to connect directly with 120 international schools to engage with students seeking higher education opportunities


Enables university recruiters and admissions reps to research, discover and engage with international schools showing an interest in their institution.


Allows universities to participate in a diverse programme of virtual events, all tailored to the unique needs & interests of students at BridgeU international schools.

Enhanced Profiles

Promotes greater awareness of the qualities and opportunities offered by universities to international students researching higher education options.


Allows universities to send personalised information, content, scholarships, and event invitations to specific students.

About BridgeU

BridgeU is the market-leading provider of university & careers guidance software & professional development services to international secondary schools. We partner with leading universities in 10 countries and we work with secondary schools in over 300 cities across 120 countries.

BridgeU’s guidance platform is used by international students to explore post-secondary options from over 28,000 universities worldwide.

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Learn how a partnership with BridgeU can help you increase the reach, precision and impact of your international student recruitment