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How to Design an International Schools Strategy That Drives Enrolment in 2021/22

Master the nuances & needs of the international schools market to help improve the reach of your international enrolment strategy and the diversity of your international undergraduate intake

International schools are a crucial source of new international undergraduate talent and are an essential segment of the market if you’re looking to increase the impact and diversity of your international enrolment.

But without a proper international schools strategy that understands the nuances of this market, your admissions team will lack the crucial domain knowledge they need to truly engage with international schools. The result? Your international student enrolment efforts are crippled before you’ve even started.

That’s why we are releasing a new guide to helps you understand the various stakeholders involved in the international school ecosystem and gives you the tools to develop your international school strategy.

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What you'll learn...

The different types of international schools and why they are essential for your recruitment ecosystem.

The importance of counsellors and parents in influencing international students' university choices.

How to become an active participant in international students’ decision-making journey & drive awareness and enrolments.

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