Tapping Into International Schools: Developing A Strategy That Drives Enrollment

Since 2000, the number of international schools has grown by 349% (ISC Research). It’s clear that students graduating from these schools will become a larger & more important segment for university recruitment and admissions teams.

So, what exactly does the international schools market look like in 2021? And more importantly, how can you create an international schools strategy that will drive enrollment from it?

To learn more, watch our series of short webinars exploring the ins and outs of international schools and how you can build a comprehensive strategy around them.

What you will learn:

  • How the market is changing and what this means for admissions teams
  • The scope and nuances of international schools - including curriculum & culture
  • The role the international school counselor - plus other stakeholders - and how to communicate with them
  • The needs of international students, the information they crave and how they consume it

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