Free Report: Mapping International Student Interest in the USA 2020-21

A preliminary year on year analysis of international school student interest in the U.S. as a Study Destination


How you can use this report?

By using the BridgeU platform’s recommendations and shortlisting data*, this report explores how interest in studying in the USA has changed between international students going to university in 2020 and 2021.

It gives valuable insights into where interest is increasing or decreasing - including by region, country and city of origin - and the regions and states in the USA which are changing in popularity.

The aim is to help US admissions teams proactively approach their international recruitment and identify new opportunities for student engagement in 2021.

*On BridgeU, after indicating whether they would consider studying in the USA, students are recommended best-fit US universities which they can then shortlist. Shortlisting is considered an indicator of high application intent.

What you'll learn...

How & where international student interest in the US as a university destination has changed in 2021

The countries & cities in which student interest in the US is growing (and presenting opportunity for admissions teams)

How the popularity of individual US regions and states has changed amongst international students year on year.

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Find out how international student interest in the USA is changing in 2021 and where in the world these changes are most prominent.