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The State of US International Applications 2022

The Trends In International School Students’ Applications That Admissions Offices Need To Know

Why US admissions offices need this report…

This report combines the latest market intelligence on international students’ applications to the USA in 2021/22 with anecdotal insights from international school college counselors from across 138 countries.

US admissions offices can use this to identify emerging recruitment markets in 2022, diversify their international enrollment geographically & demographically, and understand the specific needs of college counselors and international students in key localities.

This report measures the changing number of applications to US colleges from 2021- 2022 using a total of 111,574 applications on the BridgeU platform.

What you'll learn...

Data on international students’ applications to US institutions in the 2021/22 application cycle by region, country & city

Insights from international school college counselors on what’s driving students’ US application decisions.

Recommendations on how US international admissions teams can improve enrolment yield in 2022.

"I understand that their admissions process is holistic and relies upon many different factors, but a clearer message on how the IB is taken into consideration would go a long way."

Gabriela Guimarães, Colegio Positivo Internacional

Learn from international schools themselves about improving outreach to students applying to the US

This year, we’ve interviewed BridgeU international school counselors from every global region to give you their observations on their students’ US application preferences.

They show you how students value US higher education differently based on their regional, academic, cultural & economic backgrounds and how you can align your outreach to these needs.

Includes counselor insights from schools worldwide: