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How to Design Compelling University Presentations That Engage & Convert International Students

Free presentation templates to help you easily personalise & adapt your events for international students at every step of their application process

Download this easy-to-use presentation template library that lets your international admissions team:

  • Adapt presentations to each step of the student application journey - from early research to final application!
  • Tailor your content to the unique contexts & cultures of selected recruitment markets
  • Design presentations that answer student FAQs and offer a one-stop-shop for enrolment support
  • Ensure your brand story is relevant and engaging to target student audiences

Download your free templates

Design presentations in Google Slides or Powerpoint that convert promising international students into enrolments

For international admissions teams who want to create engaging presentations at every stage of a prospective applicant’s journey.

Template 1

Introduce your unique degree programmes with subject, career and faculty events.

Template 2

Help your country and your institution stand out from competitors with destination-based events

Template 3

Promote the unique benefits of your campus & culture with conversion events.

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