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Your FREE International School Recruitment Planner

Introducing the 4-step process that helps your admissions team design an international recruitment strategy to reach students actively interested in applying to your institution!

"I wish I had this resource when writing international schools engagement strategies! BridgeU’s expertise in engaging with international schools can be harnessed by university recruiters through this planner... it's a great resource to frame and strategically plan schools engagement."

Grace Dickinson, International Recruitment Manager

Download your free planner and create a smarter international school strategy that:

  • Clearly defines your international undergraduate recruitment objectives
  • Helps admissions reps to recognise enrolment opportunities in key markets
  • Ensures you’re meeting with best-fit international schools
  • Aligns your recruitment outreach with the needs and academic interests of your best-fit students

Download your free planner!

Design a smarter international school recruitment strategy with a planner you can fill in on Word, PDF, or Google Docs.

Planning your international school recruitment has never been easier. Just follow these 4 simple steps & fill in the details along the way!

Step 1

Review your international recruitment goals, objectives, strengths & weaknesses

Step 2

Conduct an analysis of your relevant international school recruitment markets

Step 3

Research your target international schools in your key recruitment markets

Step 4

Start your outreach to select international school counsellors & students

An editable template available in multiple formats...