[Podcast] How Perceptions of US Higher Education Are Changing In Southeast Asia

In this second episode, we hear from Asia Pacific Regional Manager Pranay Mahajan. Pranay explains what's driving shifting US application trends in Southeast Asian countries

In this second episode, James sits down with Pranay Mahajan, Regional Sales Manager for Asia Pacific at BridgeU.

Pranay explains what's driving shifting US application trends in Southeast Asian countries. If Indian and Chinese applications have decreased, then why are other Asian markets on the rise?

How is the definition of 'international schools' changing in these markets? And what does this mean for US higher ed institutions going forward.

The State of US International Applications Episode 2: Pranay Mahajan


Show Notes

  • A US higher education is still highly sought after in a number of Asian countries. But Pranay notes that the higher education systems in these countries are beginning to offer programs and courses to rival that of the USA. 
  • Pranay predicts that post-work visas will be important to US international applicants in the years to come. 
  • Despite some students' concerns over entry requirements, the standardised nature of the USA application system can make it comparatively easy to navigate compared to some newer, emerging destination countries. 

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