Discover Over 4,000 International Schools with BridgeU Connect

How to find the international schools that align with your university's recruitment goals

We launched BridgeU Connect in 2019 to help enable universities and secondary schools across the world to discover one another, connect and book school visits.

We believe that students hearing directly from universities is a critical part of how students weigh their post-secondary options. 

Our first version of Connect allowed university recruiters to discover, research and book visits with BridgeU schools in 119 countries. 

We begin the 2020s with a mission to bring an end to school visits that are reliant on multiple, manual processes and to close knowledge gaps that prevent universities from discovering the right schools to visit. 

That’s why we’ve launched some exciting new features and updates that will help you to further refine and inform your university’s recruitment efforts, and make it easier to plan school visits and in-country travel. 

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Specifically, the latest version of Connect includes the following: 

  • Redesigned search filters that help you to structure your geographical research, using both general criteria (e.g. school country & city)  and more specific criteria (e.g. proportion of students interested in Architecture and whether you’ve visited the school before). 
  • A map view that allows you to instantly see each school’s geographical location and quickly identify any other promising schools in the region you might want to include in your travel plans. 
  • International schools that don’t currently use the BridgeU platform will now also appear in search results. 

More intuitive search filters

We’ve done a minor redesign of the search filters in Connect, allowing you to search for schools using a range of general and specific criteria. We’ve improved the regional filters, allowing you to more easily refine your geographical search criteria. You can now search for schools by country and/or city. 

 As before, you can also discover schools based on a number of specific criteria, including the most popular subject interests of students at that school, popular universities and destination countries

You can also still search for and plan visits to schools that your university reps have visited in the past. 

What else is new with search filters? 

We’ve added more in-depth subject filters. This means that you can now discover high schools that have a high proportion of students interested in certain subject areas or academic disciplines. 

For example, if your institution is an undergraduate business school, it’s now possible to dig deeper into the subject filters and discover schools that have a high proportion of students interested in relevant subjects  - e.g. Business Studies, Finance, Entrepreneurship. 

Discover non-BridgeU schools in your target region 

For the first time, universities will be able to search for non-BridgeU schools in specific regions. 

The result?

Universities can now access information on over 3,900 schools when planning recruitment travel through Connect. 

You can choose to show or hide non-BridgeU schools using the toggle switch in the top right hand corner of the search results. As before, you can also save schools to your Connect profile to review at a later date. 

It’s not currently possible to book visits with non-BridgeU schools through Connect, but users can view basic information about a school’s geographical location, including School Name, Address, Coordinates and Country using our new Map feature.

What else is new with School Discovery?

We’ve added a new filter to the school discovery page within Connect. This means that you can now order your search results using criteria such as school name, school country, school city and the number of senior students who have matched your search criteria (e.g. students interested in studying architecture).

With these improvements, we’re ensuring that university reps are going to visit schools where there is likely to be a high proportion of students interested in the university’s offerings. 

This makes school visits valuable for both the university and for school counselors & students.

Find nearby schools by map location

It is often the case that university reps have a few spare hours to fill in their days when conducting in-market travel. But they don't often know which other schools they might approach for a visit.

Our next feature solves this problem. 

The map view is a simple but powerful addition to the existing Connect search function. It will allow users to easily pinpoint the location of a specific BridgeU school and get a visual overview of other potential schools to visit in the local area. 

Instead of having to cross-reference search results with external map tools, you and your team will have all the geographical and logistical information you need to ensure you’re making the most of school visits in targeted regions.

An overview of the schools in your target region

In the map view of Sao Paulo below, you’ll see that, along with the selected BridgeU school, it’s possible to view all the nearby international schools in the region. The selected BridgeU school has a slightly larger map pin drop than other schools in Sao Paolo. 

This means that a university rep visiting Sao Paulo can save promising schools to their list and plan a travel itinerary that uses accurate, up-to-date location data. 

Connecting universities & secondary schools the world over

Our new BridgeU Connect release is another exciting step forward for university reps  who want to continue to do international travel, but in a more strategic, targeted and data-driven way.

With the ability to research and reach out to the largest community of global schools available on one platform, you can ensure that you’re meeting the right schools that align with your university’s enrolment goals. 

If you’d like to talk to us about Connect, book a demo with us below. 

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